“Jaw pain every day and headaches at least 1-2 times a week; was adjusted by Dr. Rachel Elmore and all jaw and headache pain has been gone for over a month!”

Erica • Patient

“After Dr. Rachel adjusted my son Jayson….he has not complained of any body pain in the morning and is moving much better when he wakes up.”

Loren • Patient

“My 3 month old was only sleeping 2 hours at a time. After 1 upper cervical adjustment from Dr. Rachel he started to sleep 7 hours straight!””

Melissa • Patient

“I have been living on anti-histamines for years, after a couple of visits with Dr. Jeff I haven’t had to take them again.”

Dean • Patient

“Since having a spinal tap in 1973, I experienced headaches on a daily bases. Dr. Rachel was actually able to trace the source back to a fall I took several years before that. After my first adjustment with Dr. Jeff, I no longer experience daily headaches!”

Grayce • Patient

“Prior to my treatment by Dr.Jeff I averaged taking 4-6 Pseudophed weekly for years due to sinus headaches. Since treatment just once!!”

Fred • Patient

“My mornings used to begin with neck pain. Getting in and out of the car was accompanied by hip pain. Now that I am being treated by Dr. Rachel I no longer have pain as my constant daily companion! The CranialSacral Therapy is awesome. I prefer this Upper Cervical much better than the bone cracking adjustments from previous chiropractic doctors. Yes, I highly recommend Turning Point Chiropractic!”

Pat • Patient

“Very skeptical when it comes to medicine and doctors in general. Went today for my adjustment and I must say shoulders feeling much better and without pain. Coupled with the friendly and explanatory nature of Dr. Jeff and Dr. Rachel I am now a very satisfied believer…. Thank you Turning Point.”

Mark • Patient

“So, after visiting the office to get my final adjustment on Thursday while in labor, I went from 20 minute contractions to 3-5 minute contractions within 1 hour! I am so confident that this last adjustment immensely assisted in the speed and seamlessness of my labor and delivery process! Thank you, Dr. Rachel!”

Jessie • Patient

“I absolutely love these people! I was in a car accident and from that I suffered from a constant headache, would get a migraine 3-4 times a week, and did not have full movement of my head and shoulders. I was in the hospital multiple times …and on 4 different medications and had multiple tests done. My neurologist just wanted to pump me full of medicine and not treat the problem. I went to these awesome doctors and now I can move my head completely, I have not had a migraine for a month, and I am happy to say I am no longer taking those medications! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Hannah • Patient

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