With being pregnant with my third, I cannot believe the new products that come out just within two years of being pregnant again!  It just amazes me and I am always on the lookout for the new items that will make my babies healthier, happier and my family to function more efficiently.

Congratulations to baby Maci who is the winner of our 2018 Cutest Baby Adjusting Contest! Below you will find some of my favorites that she won in this year’s basket.  Some are repeats from last years because they are still my favorite!

Thanks for reading and lots of love and blessings to you and YOUR sweet little ones!

Dr. Rachel


Craniosacral Session with Cathy Schneider

Where do I even begin? This is my absolute-all-time-must-do-for-your-child-early-in-life-service! I wish all babies would go see Cathy Schneider soon after being born.  Think about the tight quarters that they lived in for 9 months and typically upside down! A session with her helps get out the in utero position kinks of your sweet baby.  Cathy worked on both boys at the hospital after being born and we go for regular tune ups! This is Malachi at 5 months getting worked on.


Glass Baby Bottle

With our third we are making the switch to glass! We made this decision for a few reasons.  First, our Dr. Brown Bottles (which worked great!) are looking a little foggy, even after boiling them!  Glass is much easier to clean, to keep clean AND we want more children so why not put the investment up front.  One of the biggest reasons is glass is BPA/BPS and phthalate-free – all of which cannot be guaranteed in plastic.  Did you know that all bottles use to be glass?? Then we switched! I guess Jeff and I are going back in time with the cloth diapers and glass bottles, but even food was better back then too! Easier and quicker is not always better!


Natrusutten Pacifier

My boys love their pacis! So, another product that I am in love with is this Natrusutten Pacifier (which means ‘natural pacifier’ in Danish).  Here are some details below from the company that explains why I am making the switch with baby number three:


  • Made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensi, natural rubber is softer than silicone and won’t leave marks on baby’s face. Larger shield touches the nose, comforting baby and more closely simulating breastfeeding
  • Uniquely hygienic, one piece design, with no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate
  • Made in Italy by a family business manufacturing rubber baby products for 3 generations
  • No BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring (score!!)



So weird, I know.  This is not for heartburn for Mom or baby!  This is actually what I use for diaper rashes.  Put a thin layer on during a diaper change, let it air dry (will look like a chalky layer on the skin) and then put the diaper on.  Once dry you could also put your essential oil of choice on top of the anti-acid. It basically puts a protective barrier between the rash and the acidity of the pee so the rash can heal. BUT, we need to figure out what is making the urine so acidic, for example we found that sweet potatoes and bananas gave Isaac a diaper rash – go figure, usually a baby’s first foods!




These have been a favorite of mine since Isaac was a baby.  Raising gluten free and dairy free children is hard work and these make it a tiny bit better!  I never have to worry about introducing these since they are so easy on the stomach and not to mention they love them!


Seventh Generation Diapers

We are all about the cloth diapers! Chemical free, less blow outs, less trash! We use Best Bottom brand and have really enjoyed them.  Obviously, I cannot just put one cloth diaper into the basket so I wanted to tell you what disposables we use when we are out of the house.  Seventh generation is an awesome price and company.  There is ZERO lotions, fragrances, chlorine and bleaching.  The brown color is so cute actually and what’s crazy is that Dr. Jeff and I noticed that if someone gives us any other brand to use for a gift, we actually get a small headache from the smell because it’s so strong for us. Let’s keep our babies bottoms chemical free!


Teething Necklace

I have no doubt that these help my boys while they are teething.  If I forget to put it on (which is rare!) their shirts are either covered in drool or their cheeks are chafe. Just by having the amber bead touching the skin, it releases succinic acid (natural anti-inflammatory) that eases the pains of teething.  I order mine from Lithuania to get more of a pure amber through Etsy.  The shop is listed in the picture.


Cloth Headbands

Since I knew the winner was sweet baby Maci, I thought this would be a great educational moment for all my mommies out there with baby girls.  As an upper cervical chiropractor who loves to do cranial work on babies, one thing I want to discuss is headbands.  I love these wide cloth headbands because they are loose on the head to allow for the cranial rhythm of the body to function and also the cranial bones, that are not completely formed yet, to move in the correct spot.  I have seen some cuties out there that have the thin bands and I see the mark where the elastic has been.  Make sure the band is not to snug!